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QUESTION: My father was assigned to the 860th EAB in the New Guinea & South Philippines campaigns in 1944/1945. I am trying to find his regimental patch.  Can you help me?

ANSWER: Carl , hello and thank you for your inquiry about the 860th EAB unit emblem , I have been researching WW2 USAAF unit emblems over 30 years now , so far the 860th is one I've not been able to find an actual "emblem" design for , that's not to say there wasn't one , but I've not found it so far .
But , I have seen the generic" Aviation Engineer BN." emblem modified by some unit to carry instead of the EAB title they would put the unit number in it's place , or the EAB title at top and the number in the lower area of the patch .

If you're familiar with the standard EAB emblem and if you would like , I could make you a Leather patch with the 860th EAB title on the patch ,I have been making WW2 flying unit/related leather unit patches nearly 40 years now and do very good work , you can see my work on the Facebook page , "WW2 Leather Sqd/Group Patches"

Anyway , I hope you find an image or better yet an actual 860th emblem , they may never had have one made "specifically" for the unit , but many "Unofficial" ones were made in WW2 .....

Johnny Signor

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Johnny what would you need from me to design the patch? What would it cost? I have some EAB patches on line for different regiments, just not the 860th.

Well if you have a design you like I could work from a color paper scan(sized preferably 5-6 inch) or I can work from the standard EAB emblem and add in the 860th EAB title either across top of emblem or lower part depending on your preffrerence.

As to cost I make "any" unit patch in the above mentioned size range, $50.00each/total including postage , I accept either personal check or US Postal Money order as I don't have Paypal etc ...........

My address I can send to you via an e mail if you send me your e mail , here's mine ,

I can send you images of some of the ones I've seen that I mentioned in prior note to you if you'd like them, again I'll need your e mail to do so as I can't post here.......
If you e mail please "head topic"> 860th EAB .

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