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Dear Sir,

 Could you please explain to me the duties & functions of a
Cannon Company in a WWII era infantry division? I've been unable
to find an answer to this anywhere on line. Also, if possible, could you tell me the divisions attachment (i.e. 7th Army)during
the war. (63rd I.D. 255th I.R.) Thank you very much for your time
& expertise. Any information you could pass along is greatly appreciated.



A Cannon Company was a small artillery unit in a division.  It was to provide short range artillery fire for local battles.  Most cannon companies were equipped with two halftrack-mounted 105mm howitzers and six halftrack-mounted 75mm howitzers or guns, and later with a towed short-barrelled 105mm howitzer.  These were highly mobile units that could shoot and move fast.  They were constantly on the move assisting infantry unit assaults or defending positions.  

I have included 2 links that will go int detail about the 63rd Infantry division.  I hope they helps and Thank you


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