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QUESTION: I have a few WWII era photographs and on the back of this one is written: here's a jap sub.  Would like confirmation and any other identifying information such as location.  That's some kind of military band in front of the sub.  Picture appears to have been made somewhere in the tropics or Far East.  Thanks for your help.

ANSWER: Dear Sharon,
         This is a 2-man Japanese mini-submarine of the Type A Ko-hyoteki Class. It has members of a U.S. Navy band in front of it and this sub was captured off the island of Guam and is being restored for placement in the museum located there. May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

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QUESTION: Would you have a date when the submarine was captured?  Would like to know where the picture I sent was taken.  All I can surmise is in the tropics or Far East.  Thanks.

Dear Sharon,
         The submarine to be more specific is HA-51 that was captured off Guam and subsequently displayed at Camp Dealy, Guam in 1945. This Ko-Hyoteki (Target A) Hei Gata (Type C). This class of submarines were all completed (47) before the end of the war, but only 15 saw action. This type of submarine captured off Guam was an improved version of the Type A midget submarine. The Type C Class was equipped with a diesel generator to recharge its batteries and for use in running on the surface. In short bursts of speed, the Type C Class could reach almost 19 knots submerged. They carried two bow 17.7-inch torpedoes. May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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