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Dear Bob

Hope you're keeping's my first question for 2015:

In the British Navy, how many officers are there exactly who are qualified to command a Polaris nuclear submarine and who would be formally qualified to launch a nuclear missile in World War 3?

Please let me know what you've been doing lately...have you been serving abroad or are you back at home now?

All the best,

Paul Murphy,
London, UK.

Dear Paul,
        The British Vanguard-class submarine and U.S. Trident system replaced the Polaris system in December, 1996. The officers who want to enter the British Submarine Service have to first complete the 4 month Submarine Command Course (SMCC) nicknamed "The Perisher". Only two courses are held each year. The British get their missiles from the U.S. and only the prime minister can give the order to fire a nuclear weapon. I've just returned from an overseas tour and went back to the high school where I teach and I also write. May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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