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RBhatf wrote at 2015-08-05 16:06:44
Since the unit is a "Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion" the subordinate unit would be a Battery as in Firing Battery, abbreviated "BTRY"

As an "automatic weapons" unit it was equipped with heavy machine guns. Being noted as a "mobile" unit indicated the weapons were vehicle mounted. The primary weapon of this unit was the quad mounted .50 machine gun on a halftrack. They would not need an infantry unit for their defense.

In addition this link shows the organization on the typical AAA Bn, there are no Infantry units in the BN.

Max wrote at 2016-07-21 06:21:23
Jim,  my grandfather was a gunner in the 445th and needless to say it's been almost impossible to find information.  My family has actually been able to track their movement and I myself have actually seen the guns they used outside of Wiltz.  Feel free to contact me at and I can send you what we have.  It's not perfect but there are several stories about them that I know you would appreciate  

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