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Dave Lewis wrote at 2015-05-01 18:33:01
Though well intentioned (and I do appreciate you wanting to help, Colonel) because of the Privacy Act of 1974, no official USMC office can divulge personal information to an "average joe" like me. They can only release information to members and their immediate family.

And as I've been told from every USMC office I've contacted, sending the dog tag to them will do little good because the military has no "Lost and Found" office that tracks down veterans when their dog tags turn up 50 years later. The tags will likely be put in a box and forgotten, or destroyed because they contain a service number which is protected information under the Privacy Act.

So the search will continue until someone, somewhere can recognize this name, contact the individual or their family, and find out if the service number matches their "J L Tucker".

Again, thanks for the help, but we've already tried that avenue. The only official office that is able to help us is the Marine Corps Museum and they're already working on this with us, although even they don't have a database of service numbers attached to names and hometowns.

MSgt Dave Lewis, USAF (Ret.)

Avondale, AZ

dave67az wrote at 2016-05-12 01:29:38
Col Lynn,

While I appreciate your advice, I have already contacted several official USMC, DoD, and VA offices. Records are only releasable to family, not people searching for dog tags. There is also no "lost and found" in the military that will find the owner of the tags.

We've had the USMC museum, Leatherneck magazine, and several other private vet groups working on this for over a year.

If anyone else can offer some more advice, please do so.

Again, I appreciate the attempt, but this is an avenue which we've already been down.


MSgt Dave Lewis, USAF Ret.

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