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This is what's on my Grandfather's Enlisted Record and Record of Seperation Honorable Discharge
Name Karl E. Cunningham
Box 2-RA 35 236 624
Box 3-Looks Like FFO 6 Jan 46(what does FFO mean?)
Box 4-AGD(What does this stand for?)
Box 5-RA 1 1/2 years(?)
Box 6-7100th Special Sv Co(?)
Box 7-24 Feb 47
Box 8-Sep Ctr Ft Dix NJ
Box 23-16 Jan 46
Box 25- France(?)
Box 26- marked yes(?)
Box 30- Truck Driver Heavy 931(?)
Box 36- Reenlisted 23 Jan 1947(?)
       Destination Overseas USA(?)
       Date of Arrival 16 Jan 46 & 4 Feb 47(?)
Box 39- 1-9-1 AUS(?)
Box 40- Conv of the Govt AR 615-365 15 Dec 44 and TWX WCL 46706 dtd 25          
       Sept 46(?)
Box 55- Lapel Button Issued No Days Lost Under AW 107(?)       

Any help you could give me in understanding this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much

Dear Kristy,
         Here are the answers you requested:

*Box 2-Army Serial Number and RA means Regular Army.

*Box 3-This is his grade or rank with effective date of promotion.

*Box 4-This is his arm or branch.

*Box 5-He re-enlisted in the Regular Army for 1 1/2 years.

*Box 6-This is the unit he was discharged from.

*Box 7-This is his date of separation.

*Box 8-He was separated at Separation Center Fort Dix, New Jersey.

*Box 23-This was his date of re-enlistment.

*Box 25-Place where he re-enlisted.

*Box 26-Selective Service Data: Did he register-Yes.

*Box 30-This is his Military Occupational Specialty with its number.

*Box 36-This is his service outside the U.S.

*Box 39-This denotes prior service in the Army of the United States.

*Box 40-This is the reason and the authority for separation.

*Box 55-Remarks.

May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

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