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Hi Jim,

First off I appreciate any help you can give towards figuring out my Grandpas service. I collected as many papers I could from the National Archieves but alot was destroyed in a fire. He was in the Army and on his discharge papers I've had a difficult time Under box, 6 "Organazation" finding information on: 445 AAA BN ITRY C. He was an M1 rifleman/Truck Driver. States he was also served in the Rhineland Central Europe Campaign. The dates of service are 28 Feb 1945 to 24 July 46.

I thank you for your time and appreciate any knowledge you could provide. If you need further information don't hesitate.

-Thank you

All I can tell you is that AAA BN probably means "Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion" and ITRY C probably means "Infantry Company C."

So there were three companies of guys trying to shoot down planes in this Battalion and a fourth company of guys who were in charge of the ground security, making sure enemy infantry didn't come charging over the hill and kill all the guys watching the sky.  He was in that latter group.  

So this battalion would have been part of a larger brigade, and the brigade would have been part of a larger division, and the division would have been part of a larger corps, and the corps would have been part of a larger army.   So it's tough when you don't have any of that info about the bigger units to work from.

Here are some links that might help:

Looks like their radio callsign was Mayfair-445

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