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Hi there
Found this in our shed , some sort of fold up table and a gentlemens name on it , we can't seem to find anything remotely like it on the internet, any suggestions . I live on the south coast of u.k

Kind regards


Nice table you have their.

I assume you have looked it over for manufacturers tags or stencils on the underneath or even a tag on the insde of the bag.

Judging from the light weight, canvas over wooden lathe, I would expect it to have been made in its day for "light weight" and easy transport.

Not sure whether you can count on its being military, at least not from the time of WWI or WWII.  By then, most everything was being painted khaki or Olive Drab green, at least by the US military.

The white top and bag are kind of a telltale that it might have been made for sporting use, that is civilian use.  I thought at first that it might have been a folding table for headquarters use, as they do do a lot of paperwork and mapping, but I am not sure the canvas top would be ideal to try to write on due the possibility of punctures.

So it came to mind that if might have been more for dining.  A light weight table for dining upon maybe in the Safari manner.  No threat of punctures or the like.  It was probably accompanied by two folding canvas chairs and would be light enough to pack on an animal if needs be or in an auto.   In the US we refer to these light weight square folding tables as "card" tables as they were just the size for four people to sit at and play cards.

Judging by the good condition of the metal and wood legs, I don ot think it has seen much rough usage.  If the climate were damp I would expect the steel parts to exhibit more rust even if just stored.  Could be dates from some time after WWII.

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