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I am currently working on refurbishing a Russian SPG-82 Grenade Launcher and have almost no information on it. My main concern is the blast shield (the two glass pieces are missing as is however you fasten either piece of the opening for sighting.) I am not looking to refurbish it back to working order, but near museum quality, for display. If you know where I would be able to find a manual for it and/or close-up pictures of the shield, that would be amazing. My other concern is what looks to be a bi-pod on the front of the weapon system. It's bolted near the end of the barrel and swivels, but on the one that I have, it does not go past vertical. I am not sure if it is supposed to be that way, or if someone put a stopper on it to keep it from going any farther. Any information that you have on this weapon system would be very useful. Thank you for your assistance.


A very impressive weapon the SPG-82 or in Russian cr 82.  I have been unable to find a manual for this weapon but have found many images that may help.  Many of the websites are in Russian so try using Google Chrome and let Chrome translate the page for you.  I did find a PDF on many types of antitank weapons that may also help but it is also in Russian but has many good pictures.  The bi-pod was not supposed to go vertical accord to my sources so yours should be correct.  

I don't have a great deal of extra information on this weapon I would check the websites but please be careful with Russian websites they are notorious for virus issues.  I didn't have any issue with the links I am sending you.

I hope this helps and Thank You.

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