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"Dear Mr Lynn, I am looking to find my fathers service in wwii.  He was with 1-118th infantry Charlie company.  I just finished a wonderful book by Fred Featherstone titled "The 118th infantry wwii" it brought some amazing insight,  but it focused on 2-118th and a great deal of Iceland. My father howeverarrived in Scotland Feb 1944 after Iceland and served in the ETO from Normandy to Germany. He us credited with 3 battles ... campaign Normandy, campaign northern France and campaign central Europe. I plan to take a trip and follow our soldiers across Europe and I would love to be able to stand near where my father stood as a young man fughting for liberty. If you can offer any insight or direct me to some place I may find more info I would greatly appreciate it.
Brenda Evans"

Dear Ms. Evans,
         The 118th Infantry Regiment (Separate) of the South Carolina National Guard was inducted into Federal service at Charleston, South Carolina and assigned to the 30th Infantry Division and moved to Fort Jackson, South Carolina on 21 September 1940. It staged at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey on 4 August 1942 and departed New York City on 5 August 1942. It arrived in Iceland for security duty on 19 August 1942 where it was relieved from assignment to the 30th Infantry Division on 24 August 1942. It departed Iceland on 29 October 1943 and arrived in England on 6 November 1943 and then in Ireland on 6 January 1944. It then returned to England on 1 May 1944 and landed in France on 13 December 1944. It defended the Meuse Rive Bridge at Givet during the German Ardennes Counteroffensive and entered Germany on 26 May 1945. It returned to New York City on 14 January 1946 and was inactivated at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey on 15 January 1946. Its August, 1945 location was Feudenheim, Germany and is credited for the following campaigns: Northern France and Rhineland.

This is historically the Palmetto Regiment. A word of caution-Both the U.S. Army and the its Center of Military History aren't good sources for National Guard elements because they are disfavored (especially ones having Southern roots and honorable Confederate service) and discarded except to suffocate their heritage in mergers with modern U.S. Regular Army organizations. The very fact of its separation in World War II as an "orphan regiment" was due to Federal animosity against its distinguished Southern lineage, particularly by the Roosevelt Administration.

Much of the actual valor of the Palmetto Regiment and others like it are thus victimized by deliberate destruction of heritage by the U.S. Government. Their deeds and service are suppressed as a matter of policy, while undeserving units of political correctness are heralded with false histories and high honors bestowed at the expense of better units. However, on the other hand, state archives are usually rich in historical works concerning their home regiments where preserved and maintained. Thus, the best recommendation I can offer is to write to the South Carolina Military Museum about the 118th. I believe the museum is located in Charleston, South Carolina. Naturally, depending on the infusion of Federal authority over its records and archivists, the collections vary.

The military heritage of South Carolina in particular has been targeted by a vicious onslaught of relentless revisionism and historical repudiation by the U.S. Government, starting in 1866 and gaining momentum through this very century. I can't therefore say what the state of these records are, or how many have been eradicated, tampered with, misplaced or otherwise lost to history. Perhaps the archivists, who are under U.S. central governance, will be helpful or have something to offer, or the stuff is in disarray and being kept that way.

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner and May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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