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My dad is Hughes P Pridmore. SN 34924821. He was KIA on 4/14/45 in Italy. I have been reading letters written by him to my grandmother. I am confused by the return addresses he provides. Why are there so many different ones and they seem so incomplete? The only one I was able to research and find out anything about him was the 85th Mtn.Inf. I really would like to see if there is a picture of him and the men he went through basic with, but I get nowhere putting in the addresses he provided. Below you will find information that I have.
 Inducted at Camp Shelby Ms in 4/44. Still there on 5/31.
 Went to Camp Blanding Fl. after that. Return address was Co C 205.63 2nd platoon. Still there on 9/12/44.
 10/29/44 he was in Fort Meade Maryland. Address was Co C 16th Bn 4th Regt A.G.F.R.D.1
 On 11/8/44 his address is Co D Inf. 4th platoon APO 15608 c/o PM New York NY. Says he's somewhere on the east coast.
 On 12/4/44 says he's still in Italy
 On 2/2/45 Somewhere in Italy. His address is 383rd Repl. Co 5th Bn 4th platoon APO 532-R
 On 2/11/45 his address is Co A 85th Mtn Inf APO 345
I realize this is probably confusing but I do hope you can sort out the addresses so that I have more info to use to research for picture. I realize that he was a replacement and there probably won't be much on him but I have to try.
I will be ever so grateful for any little bit of info you can provide me. Thank you so much

Dear Ms.,
       Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "He was KIA on 4/14/45 in Italy."  Have you obtained your father's I.D.P.F. (Individual Deceased Personnel File)?  It is THE best source for FACTS about your father's service during WW 2.
       In your question you typed "I am confused by the return addresses he provided."  I am sorry to read of your confusion.  The only portion confusing to me is the order in which the units are provided, which is incorrect.  The smallest unit should be provided first, so the order should be squad, platoon, company, battalion, regiment.
       In your question you typed "Why are there so many different ones".  Your father passed through the system of Basic Training, Infantry Replacement Training, Advanced Infantry Training, assignment to a unit to travel overseas, assignment to a unit while waiting to be assigned to a combat unit & finally assignment to a combat unit.  The US Army did not allow men to be floating around within the system, assignment to a unit at all times was VERY important.
       In your question you typed "they seem so incomplete?"  Maybe that is because acronyms were used.  The following may clear things up for you a bit:

Camp Blanding, Florida = Infantry Replacement Training Center
Company C     205.63     2nd Platoon     2nd Platoon should have been prior to Company C

10/29/44 = Company C, 16th Battalion, 4th Regiment, Army Ground Forces Replacement Depot #1, Fort Meade, Maryland

11/8/44 = Company D, Infantry, 4th Platoon, APO 15608
    APO 15608 began on October 23, 1944.  It was to handle the overflow for APO 790, located in Naples, Italy

2/2/45 = 383rd Replacement Company, 5th Battalion, 4th Platoon.  APO 532-R was located at Leghorn, Italy

2/11/1945 = Company A, 1st Battalion, 85th Mountain Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division.  APO 345 was located at Florence, Italy

       In your question you typed "I realize that he was a replacement and there probably won't be much on him but I have to try."  I am sadden to read that somehow you feel that there "probably won't be much on him".  He gave his life to defend our republic, so there is plenty of FACTS about your father's role in WW 2.  Have you read the unit history of the 85th Mountain Infantry Regiment?  How about the unit history of the 10th Mountain Division?  The UN-abridged version of the unit history of Fifth Army?  Have you read the Army Green Series volume "Cassino to the Alps" that deals in great depth with the history of the 85th Mountain Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division in Italy during WW 2?
       Good Luck with your quest.

   Richard V. Horrell
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