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Military History/Interpretation of WD AGO Form 53-55


QUESTION: Field inf. As follows:
3. T/Sgt.  
4. FA
5. AUS   
6. Serv Btry 133rd FA Bn.
21. Chief Clerk.
30. Supply Sergeant (821)
31.  Rifle 03 MM
32.  Algeria-French Moroccan Naples-Foggia Rome-Arno Southern France Rhineland Central Europe
33.  American Defense Service Ribbon Europeans-African-Middle Eastern Thester. Ribbon w/1 Silver Battle Star w/1 Bronze Battle Star bronze Service Arrowhead 5 Overseas ServiceBars 1 Service Stripe
40.  Conv of Govt RR 1-1 AR 615-365 15 Dec 44
55.  Good Conduct Medal Bronze Star Medal GO 270 36th Inf 45 Lapel Button Issued ASR Score (2 Sep 45) 107

Please, help me understand this record of a wonderful man that was too modest to bragg or boast.  He cries often here in his later years.  But he's still going at 96 years.

Thank you

ANSWER: Dear Ms.,
       Thank you for your question.  In it you typed "Field inf."  Respectfully, I could find no FACTS indicating that the soldier in question was ever assigned [assigned] to an Infantry Unit while a member of the US Army.

3.  T/Sgt. = Technical Sergeant (Tech Sergeant) pay was $114.00 per month

4.  FA = Field Artillery, the Branch of Service the soldier was assigned [assigned] to during WW 2

5.  AUS = Army of the United States, the Army organised by the United States Military to serve during WW 2.  As opposed to the Regular Army or the National Guard.

6.  Serv Btry 133rd FA Bn. = Service Battery, 133rd Field Artillery Battalion, Texas National Guard (the 133rd Field Artillery Battalion, Texas National Guard, was assigned [assigned] to the 36th Infantry Division, Texas National Guard during WW 2)

21.  Chief Clerk = the civilian occupation the soldier had prior to WW 2

30.  Supply Sergeant (821) = The M.O.S. (the Military Occupational Specialty and Number) the soldier had while assigned [assigned] to the 133rd Field Artillery Battalion, Texas National Guard

31. = Rifle 03 MM = The soldier qualified as a Marksman with a 1903 Springfield Rifle.  The typical Infantry Weapon of the US Army during the First World War.

32. = The Campaigns the soldier participated in during WW 2

Algeria-French Morocco   November 8-11, 1942
Naples-Foggia   September 9, 1943-January 21, 1944
Rome-Arno   January 22-September 9, 1944
Southern France   August 15-September 14, 1944
Rhineland   September 15, 1944-March 21, 1945
Central Europe   March 22-May 8, 1945

33. =   

American Defense Service Ribbon = service in the US Military prior to Sunday, December 7, 1941

Europeans-African.......w/1 Bronze Battle Star = served in the E.A.M.E. Theater of Operation during WW 2.  One Silver Battle Star indicates participation in five Campaigns, one Bronze Battle Star indicates participation on one Campaign.  Five + One = Six, the exact count of Campaigns from Box #32 on page two of the soldiers WD AGO Form 53-55.

bronze Service Arrowhead = participation in an amphibious assault, THE MOST DIFFICULT of all military operations.  The 133rd Field Artillery Battalion, Texas National Guard participated in two amphibious assaults during WW 2, Salerno (Rome-Arno) & Southern France (Southern France).

5 Overseas Service Bars = each bar indicates the soldier served overseas six months.  Five Overseas Service Bars indicats the soldier served overseas between two and a half & three years.

1 Service Stripe = each Service Stripe indicates three years of service, regardless of location

40. = Conv of Govt.......15 Dec 44 = How & when the US Military decided to discharge the members of the US Army after hostilities ceased (the war ended)

55. =

Good Conduct Medal = awarded for Good Conduct while serving in the US Army

Bronze Star Medal GO 270 36th Inf 45 = the soldier was awarded a Bronze Star Medal, General Order #270, awarded by the 36th Infantry Division, Texas National Guard, in 1945

Lapel Button Issued = a brass symbol to be worn in the lapel button hole of the ex-soldier's suit coat when applying for a job after WW 2.  A non-verbal way to indicate Veteran's Preference.

ASR Score (2 Sep 45) 107 = Adjusted Service Rating Score, 107 POINTS.  Points were bestowed upon the Veteran for time in the Army, time overseas, Campaign participation, Decorations, dependents, etc.  107 Points was a VERY high quantity!

There is more.  In 1950 (why the FACTS are not typed upon the soldier's WD AGO Form 53-55) the Government of France awarded the men assigned [assigned] to the 133rd Field Artillery Battalion, Texas National Guard, the French Croix de Guerre with Palm (Department of the Army, General Order Number 43, dated 1950).  VERY, VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!
       In your question you typed "to modest to bragg [sic] or boast."  I agree, it can be difficult to prod a soldier to discuss his role in WW 2.  The following are suggestion to repeat to the soldier (one at a time) to prod him to discuss his role in WW 2:

.......Salerno.......Rapido River.......Monte Cassino.......General Mark Clark

       IF you are ever able to prod the soldier to discuss his role in WW 2, I would sure try to record it for posterity.  You, evidently, have no idea as to the experiences this soldier had.  He experienced every sort of horror one can have in war, & the valour of his service is an example of why the Allies overcame the axis in WW 2.
       Good Luck with your quest.

   Richard V. Horrell
    WW 2 Connections

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I was so excited to receive your response to my inquiry.  I was able to have a heart to heart talk, which was quite emotional for myself as well as the military person in question.  We shared tears and at the end he showed me the medals he had received. They were stashed away in a closet. He had refused the Purple Heart he told me.  I was wondering if some how you can identify the items in the picture I have attached.  
Am I correct in understanding he should have received the French Croix de Guerre with Palm?  If so I don't believe he has it.

Thank you a million times over for you help thus far.


Dear Ms.,
       Thank you for your follow-up.  In it you typed "I was wondering if.......I have attached."  I will try.  Top to bottom, left to right:

Army Good Conduct Medal (above it, Army Good Conduct Ribbon, below Army Good Conduct Miniature Ribbon)

Photograph (from what I can see, taken in the USA prior to going overseas, while the subject was a member of the National Guard)

Bronze Star Medal

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal

American Defense Service Medal

Silver Star Medal

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Enlisted Men Collar Brass, Artillery (I believe it may be up-side-down)

Shoulder Patch, 36th Infantry Division, Texas National Guard

Enlisted Men Collar Brass  US Army


       In my opinion, whomever put this frame together did so inadequately.  Medals are in the wrong order, incomplete sets, & some medals are missing!  i.e. World War 2 Victory Medal.
       In your follow-up you typed "Am I correct in.......Guerre with Palm?"  You are correct.
       In your follow-up you typed "If so I don't believe he has it."  You are correct, he does not.  As I typed in my original answer, the award was not bestowed until 1950.  
       Good Luck with your quest.

   Richard V. Horrell
    WW 2 Connections  

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