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Hello! I have an Ishapore 1916 No.1 Mark 3 lee Enfield rifle that I just picked up and I was trying to identify what a specific marking was that I found below the roman numeral III where there is a Capitol letter "S". There is no star marking like with most other Ishapores of the same make a year. Do you know anything about this?


There are couple of possibilities  One sadly is a fake.  Cheap knockoffs are quite common.  Second the plate with he original information might have been replaced.  Also at the time of manufacture many sub contractors were helping and may have left off the star.  

I wish I had more, but I can recommend a book that will help

The Lee-Enfield: A Century of Lee-Metford and Lee-Enfield Rifled and Carbines
by Ian D. Skennerton

I hope this helps and check out this website

Thank you

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