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my dad was in a b17 during 1943 to 1945 the plane was number 7340 . I HAVE A PICTURE OF THE PLANE. this number is on the left nose. can you give me some info. about this plane  thank you .


Your fathers B-17G was built by Lockheed Vega.  The need for the B-17 far outstripped Boeing factories so other companies built the B-17.  Number 7340 was a B-17G model similar the B-17F  but had a remote control chin turret.  The First B-17 flew in 1935 and some models are still flying today.  Called the Flying Fortress due to the many machine gun positions .  It was the first successful 4 engine bomber and had a reputation to absorbing huge amounts of damage.  Powered by 4 Wright engines with 1,200 horse power each it was fast in 1935 by by the time the B-17 started bombing targets in Germany it was slower than the newest fighters.  But with it 13 .50 machine guns the B-17 took a toll on Axis aircraft.  

A fantastic plane.  I have been one a few times and it is cramped.  The gunners had to fight enemy aircraft along with sub zero temperature at 25,000 to 30,000 feet.  

I hope this helps and enjoy the links.

Thank you

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