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My fathers discharge papers indicates he enlisted June 28, 1943 and released Jan 24, 1946. His summary of military occupations reads: Served with 118th Engineers and 172nd Infantry in Asiatic Pacific. Placed rifle fire upon designated targets. Changed positions when necessary. Used rifle, automatic rifle, bayonet, hand grenades, knife and various other types of combat weapons. Knew how to take advantage of camouflage and concealment. Could recognize enemy personnel, vehicles and aircraft. Was familiar with army hand signals, methods and procedures.

The battles listed are New Guinea, Luzon, GO 105 WD 45
Line 36 states date of departure
10 Jan 1944 AP 25 Jan 1944
29 Dec 1944 US 15 Jan 1946

I would like to know more about the campaigns he was in, if possible. Thank you very much

First off GO 105 WD 45 is short for General Order 105 in the year 1945.  Which mean the War department in 1945 gave orders to attack the enemy.  Your Father served under General Douglas MacArthur who commanded the forces at New Guinea and in the invasion of the Philippines where Luzon was the largest island.  Your Father was most likely was in some of the naval landing assault used on the Northern coast to out flank the Japanese.  For Luzon again if is possible he was in a land craft assault and then fought on that island until the end of the war.  
I have included several links that will go into detail about both battles in ways better than me.  Check out the link as they are official US Army records of the battles.

I hope this helps and Thank you

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