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Dear Sir.
   I am making a shadow box for a falling Vets family and am trying to find a patch. It has 5 Seahorses on it. Will be greatfull for any help.

Thank You
Susan Mill

Dear Susan,
         First, the five seahorses represent the 5th Marines and second, the seahorse symbolizes strength and power. Among the ancient civilizations, it was thought that seahorses have a mystical significance. According to the late Brigadier General Edwin Simmons, USMC (Retired), the 5th Marines have been using this unofficial insignia since January, 1969. The fourragere represents the regiment's actions during World War I, the seahorses represent the close association with the sea, the five seahorses represent the numerical designation of the regiment, and the forester's green signify the color of the uniform worn by the U.S. Marines in both World Wars I and II. You can purchase a copy of it from or 1-877-241-8611. May God Bless and Semper Fidelis-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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