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A friend of mine and I were discussing the Normandy invasion as it related to air cover. His premise was that there were no air covers designated for support on the beaches. I on the other hand, believed that there was designated air support but they however miss the beach and that the bombs landed further in land.

I would greatly appreciate your clarification on this issue at your earliest convenience. Thanks for your tireless effort to inform!


There was indeed air cover for the Normandy landings.  Over one hundred squadron of fighters and bombers were used during the invasion.  These included American P-51s, P-47, A-20s, B-25 and B-26s.  For the the British the Spitfire, Hurricane, Hawker Typhoon, Mosquito and other bombers were ready for the fight.  8th Air force B-24s and B-17 also bombed near the beaches before landings. There was air power over the beaches but the close quarters of fighting made air strikes difficult  Most air power was used in disrupting men and supplies from getting to the the battlefield. P-47s could hit targets 300 to 500 yards away from allied troops but the beach battles were well within this range.  Naval destroyers in some cases nearly ran around to provide naval artillery in support to ground troops.  Air units also kept the Luftwaffe off of the troops as they land.  The Luftwaffe was only able to managed 319 sorties vs 14,674 combat sorties for allied aircraft.  The heavy bombers were to attack inland targets to avoid friendly fire events FAC or forward air controllers could call in strikes if the conditions were good.

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