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My relative was in the 359th infantry regiment, H company. He reported to Camp Travis in San Antonio in early 1918. I have four letters he wrote on YMCA stationary, two from boot camp (Mar & Apr 1918), one from a ship in the Atlantic near the coast of France, and his final letter from France Aug 10, 1918. He was killed in action Sept 26th, 1918 in the St. Mihiel sector, south of Preny according to the letter to the family from M.M. Hoffman, Jr., Chaplain 359th infantry. I have his draft card, obituary, and various family photos of his grave in France as well as his burial in Texas several years later.

My goals are to learn more about his specific location during the St. Mihiel battle and then the Meuse-Argonne offensive. I don't know if information exists that pinpoints company H's locations in these battles and I don't know where in France Preny is and what occurred there on September 26th, 1918. I also would love to correspond with anyone who had a relative in H company.

How long was boot camp, where did the camp travis soldiers travel to on the east coast to board the transport to France, and how long did the trip across the Atlantic take?

I have been fascinated with my relative and his WW1 experience ever since I was a kid. I greatly appreciate any information that can be provided and I would love to be contacted by anyone with a relative that was also in H company.

Dear Chris,
         I apologize for not getting back to you sooner but I have been out of town on military orders. You can type in "A History Of The 90th Division"-Internet Archive in your search engine and the complete book will come up. It will answer all your questions in relation to your relative's service in World War I. He was in the sixth contingent of recruits that arrived at Camp Travis, Texas in March-April, 1918. His regiment was part of the 180th Brigade. This brigade was called "The Texas Brigade" because the majority of its soldiers came from North and West Texas. The town of Preny is actually Villers-sous-Preny and was occupied by the Germans until driven out by the 90th Infantry Division on 14 September 1918. May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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