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My grandfather left me a bayonet from his tour in the S. Pacific. I've been trying to identify it'd type and value for years. It's 17" in total length. 11 3/4 in blade length with the markings KN 3072 on the cross piece.


The best I can do is this.  The spring imbedded in the handle is the stumper.

I thought at first it looked like it is a cut down version of the US made English 1907 or 1917 sword bayonet.  There was little difference between the two.  These were the long ones used in WWI.  The US made version was the M1905 I have one.

The tell tale is how the fuller the groove along the top edge of the blade extends to the very tip.  The US for some reason cut down a lot of the old M1905 WWI bayonets to a shorter 10 inch length and classified them as M1905E1.

These were used on the M1 Garand.  It has a spear tip, rather than a beaked tip where the blade would curve up to intersect the line of the back but the back would not curve down.

I could not find bayonet with the type of spring shown to engage the mounting lug on the barrel.

I also noticed the barrel ring is lower than the M1905 and other US bayonets so they would not fit the Garand or the Springfield as they used the same bayonet.

A few hints, since it bears such a resemblance to other allied bayonets, it is probably is allied.  It could be an early manufacture say before WWI or there abouts due to the greater attention paid to the grip, the curved inlet for the wooden scales goes above and beyond later manufacture which was all straight line. The curve sculpting of the grip also shows greater attention to ergonomics than later manufacture.

Since it is an oddity it is probably worth more than other blades in the same vintage.

That he brought it back from the Pacific, I would venture it might be Australian.

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