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Hello Robert,
Thanks again for the other questions you've helped me with, I really appreciate your help :)
When my Dad served in WWII, he was in an armored infantry battalion. His discharge papers show (3) MOS numbers:  Light Machine Gunner (604), Rifleman (745) and Light Tank Crewman (1736). He spoke of all three duties, especially the tank duty, but I never thought to ask him when or where.  His battalion had an Assault Gun platoon that had light tanks so would that have been the only place he would’ve done tank duty, or could he have helped another unit outside of his battalion, but still within his division?
Thanks !

Dear James,
         No, your father could have been assigned to the Assault Gun Platoon not only within his own battalion but also be attached to another unit outside of his division if needed. This would be Temporary Duty or TDY and would appear in his record book if they were attached to another unit outside of his division. May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

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