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My father went to O.C.S. at what he called "Benning School for Boys" in 1942 and in 1943 was a First Lt. , company commander in a segregated infantry battalion , the Nine Hundred Something. He said he was at Guadalcanal for a while , for a long time at Milne Bay, New Guinea , and finally in the Phillipines. I recall some funny stories about things that happened , but I don't know which unit he was in. One time when I was little we were cleaning out the cellar and he became angry that someone was discarding his company guidon , which I never saw before or since. I wasn't aware enough to note the unit no. , but I think it was "A" Co. He never ate canned fruit cocktail , said he ate it all the time overseas and had had enough, thank you. He once talked about an exercise, the Fiji Scouts were going to infiltrate his co. area that night, armed with a piece of chalk. The Scouts would mark an X on everything they "blew up" or sentry they "killed". Dad doubled the guard and read them the riot act. A quiet night. In the morning, he had a sinking feeling when he noticed an X chalked on his boots as he laced them up.Stepped outside the tent and saw an X chalked on the butt of the sentries rifle, another X on his jeep. "Anything to report?" "No sir, quiet as a mouse all night, Sir." Dad said there were X's chalked on everything, tents, the latrine, the palm trees, everything! "All I can say is I'm glad the Fiji Scouts were on our side". I've found info on the Fiji Scouts, but can't find which battalion he was in. His name was Thomas P. Noonan , started out in N.Y. Nat'l Guard in 1937, activated in 1941 , returned home in one piece. I know his unit shipped out of San Francisco in , I think , 1943.Can you help me find info on him?

Dear Mr. Noonan,
         I did look up all U.S. Army infantry battalions but was unable to locate any numbered with 900. The U.S. Army listing didn't go that high except for a number of artillery battalions that never left the United States. My suggestion is to contact the New York National Guard at their headquarters in Albany, New York and they will research your father's enlistment papers and from there, they will be able to give you a history of what units he was assigned to during World War II. May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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