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My question is: What is the minimum age a recruit had to be to join a state-run unit during the Civil War? I've read that a minimum age for Federal units was 20 and anything lower would need a guardian's permission. But I see so many 18 year olds in state run units as officers (mostly Lieutenants) it got me to wondering. I realize I might be comparing apples to oranges!


Dear Barb,
         The minimum age for both state and Federal soldiers was 18 with 16 for musicians. Any soldier enlisting below 18 had to have their parent's permission. The majority of both the Confederate and Union regiments came from the individual states and there are records that have boys enlisting at the age of 10. This varied depending upon the recruiting officer and the commanding officer of the regiment. May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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