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QUESTION: This may be a somewhat obscure questions, but here goes... I'm restoring my father's WWII Ike Jacket.  He had qualified for a Engineering Specialist Patch (He was an Airplane Mechanic) and was also in a outfit that earned a Meritorious Unit Citation. I believe that both of these patches are supposed to be sewn on the lower right-hand sleeve of the jacket.  But, I don't know in which order they should be placed, i.e. MUC above Specialist patch or vice versa.  I know there is usually a precise definition for such things.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

ANSWER: Greetings

The MUC goes on the bottom of the sleeve closest to the hand.  

I hope this helps and enjoy the links.

Thank you§ion=atta

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello again, Paul.

You previously provided help with this question about patch placement on my Father's WWII Ike Jacket.  I did a little more research and found some info that indicates both the MUC and the Engineering Specialist patches are to be placed in the same location, i.e. "sewn to the right sleeve four inches above the cuff".  So, I'm a bit uncertain and wondering if you could provide some additional guidance:

Should both of these patches be placed on the uniform considering they vie for the same location on the right sleeve?

If they should both be properly placed on the right sleeve and given that the MUC should be placed closest to cuff and Specialist above), what should the spacing be between the patches?

In estimating a layout where the MUC is four inches above the cuff and the Specialist patch is placed about 1/2 inch above, the top of Specialist patch will land almost 9 inches above the cuff.  I don't think I've ever seen a uniform with patches that far up on the sleeve.  Does that seem OK to you?

Sorry to be so much in the weeds on this.  I'm working on having the uniform placed in a display case and I'd like to be as sure as possible that I have it right before it gets mounted.

Thanks in advance for your insight.



The MUC is 4 inches from the cuff and the Engineering Specialist patch is right above the MUC.  I have included some links with images that will help.

Thank you  

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