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Unknown Bayonet
Unknown Bayonet  

Unknown Bayonet
Unknown Bayonet  
Sir, I received this M Series bayonet in this poor condition. There were no grips and no guard on the bayonet knife. The butt plate appears to have never been removed. My question is whether this is a M3 or a M4 bayonet. You will note an oddity of only 1 hole in the Tang leading me to wonder what type grip(s) would have been on this bayonet. The bayonet was in a US M8A1 PWH scabbard but that may not be the original scabbard. So my question is:
(1) Is this a M4 bayonet or a late M3 knife blade refurbished with a M4 butt plate,
(2) who was the manufacturer,
(3) with only one hole in the tang what grips were utilized, and lastly,
(4) are the Retainer Pins the removable type.

I want to reinstall the correct guard and grips to original conditions if I can.
Unknown M Series Bayonet   with broken tip
Received without Guard and Grip(s)
Overall Length:       11 inch
Blade Length:      6
False Edge Length:    3 1/8
Tang (Handle):      4 x 5/8 x 5/8
Butt Plate Dimensions:   7/16 x 1 x 1
Butt Plate Markings:   Incorporated S and P letters indicating Standard Products Mfgr.
        The number 5 is also stamped on the opposite end of butt plate.
Starburst Peen on Butt Plate with 2 Retainer Pins
One 3/16 diameter punched hole in tang approx. from Butt Plate
Partial spotty dark finish on Butt Plate (either Black Paint or Parkerized finish)


I would have to say an early model M4.  

As to the manufacturer not 100% sure but it was one of these companies
Aerial Cutlery Manufacturing Co.
Camillus Cutlery Co.
W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co.
Imperial Knife Co.
Kinfolks Inc.
Pal Blade and Tool Co.
Utica Cutlery Co.
Early models had brown leather grips.
The early model M4s had removable retainer pins

I hope this helps and enjoy the link

Thank you  

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