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Military History/Northern Burma Silk map (Orange) and Japanese Flags


Peter Hayden wrote at 2016-04-21 11:01:47

The orange map you have was also issued to the Chindits.

These were special forces troops under the command Of General Orde Wingate, that either marched into Burma (see Operation Longcloth) or flew in by gliders ( see operation Thursday), 150 miles behind the Japanese lines to destroy the supply lines to the Japanese front.

My Father , who sadly I lost in January this year, was a Chindit and he was issued with one of these orange escape maps. They also called them there 'Sweat Rags' as they would ware them around there necks to soak up the sweat.

Another use for them, and also another reason for there colour, was for signalling the planes for the supply drops by parachute. They would all lay them out on the ground in a clearing in the jungle and could be easily seen by the crews of the DAKOTA C-47 or DC3 aircraft.

These maps are becoming very rare now, as most of them fell to pieces over the years.

I myself have been looking for one for a long time now and was going to be a present for my Dad.

If you get the chance, please look up the history of the Chindits. They were amazing men and I am proud to say my Dad was one.

If you would like any further information you can email me at haydow@ Sky .com

All my very best.

Pete Hayden

Southport, England

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