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I need help deciphering my grandfather's discharge letter. He passed away before I was born, and I would really like to know more about his time in the service.

Here is the available information:

Organization: Co C 802d Engineer Battalion
Grade: Tec 5
Arm or Service: CE
Component: RA

His occupational specialty is "Truck Driver Heavy"
He's listed as qualified for the Sharpshooter M1 Rifle

Battles and campaigns:
Aleutian Islands GO 33 WD 45
Ryukyus GO 40 WD 45

Good Conduct Medal
American Defense Service Medal with Clasp
Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal

Reason and authority for separation: Convenience of the Government RR1-1 (Demobilization) AR 615-365  15 Dec 1944

ASR Score - 94
Lapel Button issued
Time lost under AW107 - 2 days
(36) 10 Feb 45 Asiatic Pacific Theater 3 Apr 45
24 Sep 45 United States 8 Oct 45

Dear Michael,
         Here are the answers to your questions:

*C Company, 802nd Aviation Engineer Battalion was formed on 1 July 1941 at Ft. Glenn, Alaska.
*Grade or Rank: Tech 5 (this is equal to an E-4 or Corporal. Tech or technician are related
to a specialist in their MOS. The word tech or technician has been replaced by spec or
*Arm or Service: Corps of Engineers.
*Component: RA or Regular Army.
*GO means General Order and WD means War Department.
*AR 107 means Army Regulation 107 which is Soldiers To Make Good Time Lost. Your grandfather
lost 2 days and had to make them up.
*AW means Articles of War.
*Lapel Button Issued-This refers to the discharge pin or Ruptured Duck.
*American Defense Service Medal with Clasp should read American Defense Service Medal with
BASE Clasp. Your grandfather also rates the World War II Victory Medal.
*Occupational Specialty: Heavy Truck Driver.
*He qualified as a sharpshooter with the M1 Rifle.
*ASR means Advance Service Rating and this was used to calculate the points to be needed to
go back to the U.S. Under Operation MAGIC CARPET, U.S. Army personnel needed 85 points or

May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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