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I have Legitimus Collins and co machete, the model is no. 1173, and i would like to know more information about this particular model, and place in history. the blade itself is narrow with a wider rounded tip, a style i was not able to find pictures of.


Some background on the maker:

Here is a blunt tipped machete that may be the same one as yours.

If I am not mistaken, the blunt nosed machetes were export products for use in sugar cane harvesting where a pointed tip was more of a danger than a help.  Not only was the bulbous tip safer it added weight to the striking area of the blade increasing its efficiency.  Recall that sugar cane harvesting was labor intensive and done by slave labor until slavery was abolished. After that it was done by indentured or paid labor.  So the need for these kind of cutting tools was high.

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