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Military History/Northern Burma Silk map (Orange) and Japanese Flags


Burma silk map
Burma silk map  

Any information you could give in the map and flags would be greatly appreciated. They have been given to me by my grandfather who got them from his uncle that brought them home from the war.


You have 2 very important items of history.  The Burma map was a map made to help allied pilots and flight crews escape the Japanese.  Its color helped it be read at night.  Pilots flying over Burma could use the map to avoid Japanese held area and get to allied positions.  

The second item is a meat ball flag also called a good luck flag.  It is signed by Japanese soldier’s family members and friends.  It was thought that it would protect the soldier.  It was likely removed from a dead soldier.  
These are 2 very unique items and please keep them safe and out of the light.  The Japanese flag I have seen go for 100 to 300 dollars.  The Burma map not sure as to price but many were made so likely under 100 dollars as to worth.  I have included 2 websites that will got into more detail.

Thank you for sharing they are special pieces of history.

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