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Hello Colonel Lynn,

I've been doing some research on my Dad's ETO service which lead me to study the TO&E for a typical Armored Infantry Rifle Company to get a better picture of things. I've been trying to ID his squad and got to thinking, did men stay in the same squad throughout their service in the ETO, or were they switched around from time to time based on a particular need in another squad? Or were whole squads ever temporarily transferred to other areas of their Company for that matter?
For example, I noticed that one of the (12) men listed in a particular Rifle Squad on 5/1/45, had his MOS changed from 931 (Truck Driver) to 745 (Rifleman) a month before. Since a Rifle Squad did not use a 931 per the TO&E information I came across (a T/5 was used to drive the Half Track), would that indicate that he came into the squad the day his MOS was changed to 745?


Dear James,
         The soldiers did stay in the same squad unless they were promoted to a certain rank or was wounded. No, complete squads weren't transferred to other areas of the company. Remember, the squad was the basic unit of a company. When his MOS was changed, he was sent to the company headquarters to be assigned to a rifle squad. May God Bless-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard  

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