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Hello Robert, My Question is about the Battle of Pollilur 1781 not 1780. Wikipedia gives a Very Brief Description. General Sir Eyre Coote Attacked Haidar Ali an Tipu Simultaneously. One Column attacked Haidar the other Tipu. How Could he do this? This has to be a Great Feat of Arms. I never heard of this before. I plan on Doing a Diorama on this Battle, so any help would be Appreciated.   Thank You, Kind Regards, Mike Diesenbruch

Dear Michael,
         Please type in your search engine the following:

This will bring up a book on his life and then go to Pages 236-239 and you will be able to read how General Sir Eyre Coote did this. It also has a detailed fold out map that you may look at to describe this feat of arms you mentioned. It will also help you in regard to your diorama. May God Bless - Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

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