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Hello and thank you for any time you spend responding to this request. While doing genealogical research, I found a documented letter stating that my great, great, great, great grandfather was killed in action in 1805 while serving in the military.
My question is two-fold: was the Barbary Coast War the most likely service he would have been involved in, and if so, are there any records of the individuals who served in the war?
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Dear Shannon,
         The post-Revolutionary War Period (1781-1811) was characterized by various Indian campaigns, insurrections, and disturbances requiring the use of military force. In the same manner as for the Revolutionary War Period (1775-1783), compiled service records were created for volunteer soldiers. These are arranged by organization, including the First and Second Regiments of the United States Levies, and then alphabetically by name of state and territorial organization. Under each such classification, the records are arranged according to military unit and thereunder alphabetically by the name of the soldier. The National Archives has microfilmed indexes and copies of these compiled service records. In the National Archives, enlistments can be found on Microfilm Rolls 1-13 for the years of 1796-17 May 1815.

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