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Did all inductees have their names changed at time of entering?

I suppose you mean the conscript recruits of the Royal Swedish Army?!
No only if you had several with the same last name. In those days apart from aristocracy families and some bourgeoisie families no one had a family name. So they had their given names like Erik or Karl and then just the patronymic like Eriksson or Karlsson showing that they were the son of Erik or Karl. Needless to say there could be many with the same patronymic in the same company. And usually a soldier was addressed only with his patronymic or family name- So it was encouraged to give soldiers more martial last names like Svård (=Sword) or Sköld (=Shield). Or Tapper (=Courageous) or Modig (=Brave), But only if there was a risk of confusion.  The British Royal Navy  had the same problem with numerous Smiths and Browns etc. They solved this problem by adding numbers to the names.

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