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Hello: I can remember my grandmother, who came to this country from Germany telling me of Prussian soldiers riding through the churches on horseback.   Can you give me more history?   I was very young, she spoke "broken English" as they say...........I adored her and her stories..............She left her country when she was 18..............

Thanking you,  C. Stover

Hos old are you? How old were you when she told you this? How old was she when she told you? From what part of Germany did she come? Prussian soldiers were German soldiers. Prussia was a part of Germany even though that part is now mostly in Poland and some parts of it now even in Russis and Lithuania. Germany was a federation from around 1870. The largest state in that federation was Prussia. The German emperor was emperor of Germany (Kaiser) and king of Prussia. Before 1870 there were wars between German states. If you can give me the information I have asked for I will try to sort this out!

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