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We recently had the honor of visiting Pearl Harbor and one question I am left with is about the bombers we were expecting from California. I have heard many times that the blip on the radar was excused as expected incoming planes from the main land, but what happened to those planes? I have never heard anything about them beyond they were expected. Thank you very much for trying to answer this for me. I do appreciate it!

A very good question.  Of the 12 B-17 flying in 1 was shut down the Japanese and 3 others had major damage.  The damaged aircraft were complete right offs.  The rest managed to land but they were unarmed so were of no use in attacking the Japanese fleet.  The B-17s were used for recon around the island in the weeks after the attack.    One crewmen of one of the B-17s a Lee Embree took photographs of the battle.  

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