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Hello Colonel,

1. When CIB's were awarded during WWII, I was wondering please at which command level the initial recommendation was made.
2. Were individuals recognized, or was it more of a situation where complete platoons or companies were recognized?
3. I noticed that some older BSM documents showed the award was based on a Meritorious "Achievement"  and others on Meritorious "Service." Could you please explain the difference?
4. Finally, Besides BSM's for Valor, were some awarded for single acts of Merit, or were non-Valor BSM's only awarded for CIB recipients post war.

As always, thanks for your kind help!

Dear James,
         Sorry for the delay and here is the answer to your questions:

The CIB was instituted during World War II as a very prestigious award with exacting standards of the highest caliber to reward deserving infantrymen who fought on the battlefield at rifle range and bayonet point. Then, like everything else, grade inflation set in and the awarding authority and parameters for this coveted award became less and less. There was also a problem with the Bronze Star because of its practical awarding during the war, where it was showered on airmen for service, but not for infantry on the battlefield. Then the U.S. Army began two types of that medal and again grade inflation eroded it. At some point after World War II, the military decided to equal a CIB of the original type with the Bronze Star. This was attributed to politics. I hope this helps and May God Bless-Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

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