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I am in the process to put a paper together on my fathers tour in WWII estimated date of arrival 1/20/1945.  Organization Company E 359th Infantry - Dog Company.  Battles and Campaigns  Rhineland  Central Europe  GO 105 WD 45.  However, I don't understand what GO 105 WD 45 is tell me.  Are they the locations of the cities that he was involved in fighting at.  Please help.  Thank you


GO 105 WD 45”, stands for General Orders, # 105, War Department, 1945.  It is the General Orders which stated what the “Official Campaigns” were during WWII.  GO 105 WD 45, was rescinded by General Orders, #24, War Department, 1947.
As to the cities your father fought it check out the below link it will be very helpful.

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