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I was wondering how I could find out where the Japanese Instruments of Surrender were printed. My father was a staff sergeant in a printing unit stationed in the Philippines during the surrender. Going through his belongings we have found many artifacts of the time with one of them being a copy of the Instruments of Surrender. Knowing that General MacArthur commissioned copies for his staff I thought it may have been possible that he had something to do with the printing or the replication of the original. The other thing that makes me think that he may have been part of this historic event is because we have also found a photographic facimily of a letter written by the Japanese General Homma after his war crimes trial thanking the Americans for his fair trial and letting him die by firing squad and not by hanging. Seems firing squad was more dignified for a soldier. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.



You may very be on to something.  A man by the name of Leonard J. Scinto an Army Sergeant worked in MacArthur's Manila headquarters.  He was the one who got the special paper called Parchment paper from a local church for the surrender document.  He is also one who setup and printed the document.  If your father was in Manila working for a printing team it is possible he saw the document being put together by Leonard Scinto.  

MacArthur used a printer called Victory Press Printing Company to make fake Japanese money to hurt the Japanese economy will he planned his Philippians’ invasion.

I have included 2 links that will go into more detail.

I hope this helps and thank you  

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