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Unknown Projectile
Unknown Projectile  
"Sir, I recently acquired this rocket/mortar model. I do not know if it is a military practice piece or a toy. It is approx 7 3/4" long with a diameter of 4 3/4". The circumference is slightly smaller than a 40mm grenade. It is made of a rubber plastic like material with the bottom (green) section being hollow and the top (black) section being solid and weighted. Weight appears to be 5 or 6 ounces. As you see three of the four tail fins are broken and missing. I haven't located anything like it on the internet yet so any information will be appreciated.


You may have a CS or tear gas canister.  If there is a whole on the bottom it may be fired by a rifle.  Much like a World War 2 rifle fired grenade.  These are used in crowd control.  Your item is not from World War 2 the rubber would have decayed more.  I wish I had a model number but thank you for asking

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