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Hello... I purchased these two shells in Belgium. I was shipping them back to the States, and they went missing, but I'm still trying to find out exactly what they were. Therefore, I have rough measurements, but cannot give you more specifics on the markings. The casing diameter was roughly 120mm (4.7 inches), the entire length was ~ 88cm (~34.5 inches).

They were quite heavy, 60-70 lbs each. They appear to be expended, due to the rifling on the band, and perhaps reassembled with other fuses and empty casings. They seem certainly larger than the 18 Pdr, but I can't pin it down.

I wish I could give you marking details, but as I said, they are sadly no longer in my possession...

What do you think?  Greatly appreciate your help and expertise....


If you got them in Belgium, I would likely say that they are British, since that was the Sector the Brits occupied in WWI
Looks like the projectiles are shrapnel judging by the fuses.  They look pitted so were most likely dug projectiles and were fitted with fuses from whatever. There is an example of a 3 in WWI shrapnel round that looks similar.

May be mounted in cut down cases.

As to where they went, customs probably has them.  If they X-rayed the packages the probably seized them to make a determination of whether they were demilitarized or not.  If they were shrapnel, they might still have had an active bursting charge in them, as the projectiles were mixed with the bursting charge material.  Don't think they would allow them in the country without a certificate saying they were inert.

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