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I am talking with a friend about security from airplane and bombers invading og bombing. The question is after i analyse the wars since 2 worldwar up to 2003 iraq war its obvious that the anti aircraft defense systems fails bcs the city's and countries end op demolished.
So the q is is it possible at all ti maintain conplete security with out bombs hitting ur country.
I was looking at 1991 golf war were iraq had huge weaponsdepot after iran war. Americans and coalition hit the anti aircrafts planes to start with and 100.000 bomb missions only 44 plane got shot down and iraq was demolished. Same in serbia 1999 and iraq 2003.

So what good is these anti aircraft system when u end up demolished anyhow.


A very interesting question.  No air defense is perfect.  Air Defense is something you hope to never use because it means a country is under attack.  An Air Defense does not have to be perfect to be effective.  Iraq and Serbia as examples of high tech bombing campaigns on a lesser tech defense system.  There are World War 2 and modern examples of Air Defense doing its job.  In 1940 the Battle of Britain the British had an advanced system of radars tied to a centralized command and control system.  The British took a pounding but he Germans lost massive numbers of fighters and bombers.  During the Vietnam War the North Vietnamese air defense was a combination of fighters, surface to air missiles and anti aircraft guns that did massive damage to US Air Force and US Navy attack aircraft.  The US learned from the war and developed Stealth technology and anti radiation missiles to destroy defenses.  IN 1982 the Falklands War saw the Argentine air force against the British navy.  British picket ships and Harriers along with Sea wolf, Sea cat and Sea Dart missiles took a heavy toll on attacking Argentine fighters.  The British took loses but the Island was retaken by British forces.  On a smaller scale the Mujahedin in the mid 1980s received Stinger missiles a type of man pad.  These missiles took a large toll on Soviet helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.  Used in hit and run operations the Stinger forced the Soviet pilots to fly higher and thus their bombing campaign became much less effective.
Current air defense is changing with new weapons and sensors.  The US Navy has just deployed laser weapons on ships and is developing rail guns for long range strike and massive firepower.  The development of AESA radars for US stealth aircraft makes it possible to use the AESA equipped fighters to jams and even damage defense radar.  
Another example of an air defense system taken apart would the Bekaa Valley operation by the Israelis to destroy the Syrian air defense.  Using Hawkeye E-2 AWACs, drones and a variety of aircraft the Israelis destroyed the Syrian air defense and Air force.  Planning is what destroys air defense and knocking out the control systems.  

Air defense systems can work but they will never be perfect.
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