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While going through my late father's things I came across these epaulets.I remember him mentioning flying up and down the coast of Africa during WWII. I would appreciate any assistance you can render re information on these epaulets - pic attached


It looks like they are lieutenant's shoulder boards for the Maritime Service.

The two stripes indicate a Lieutenant.

The crest appears to be that of an eagle clasping an anchor with two garlands beneath it.  I attached a link showing the crest it is in a table of Navy Insignia and related services. Click the link and scroll down to find the table of insignia. It is in the top center to the right of the Coast Guard.

During the war they worked closely with the Coastguard, and trained merchant Marine personnel.  

I know the Coast Guard ran anti submarine patrols so he might have been doing that.  If you could get his service records, they will have more detailed information on what, where and when of his service as well as specifics on his military occupational specialty.

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