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QUESTION: Could you help identify - the following is what is on the bottom of a brass shell - the bottom is 5 inches diameter and stands 15 inches tall -
Karth   P-41  Dec 1898  12 with a symbol that looks like a crown
in the center circle - 16BS  Sb and a fancy LF

ANSWER: Greetings

You have a German pre World War 1 shell for a 10.5 cm artillery piece.
The shell casing was produced in December of 1898
LF is the manufacturer and 16BS is inventory control number.  Not sure of Sb; it might be a storage center.
This most likely would have fit a 10.5 cm Feldhaubitze 98/09
A very nice piece of history.  Pre world war 1 items are rare.
Thank you and check out the link

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Would the crown like symbol mean anything and the word "Karth" that is written in scriped. The side are indented so is trench art? Is there any value to this shell casing?

Karth is short for Kartusch which mean cartridge or ammunition.

The crown was an Imperial marker making this for the Imperial Army of Germany.  A dent does not mean trench art.  Typically trench art has the shell casing modified in varies was to make it look different or serve a new purpose.  As to value 75 to 150 dollars depending on condition of the casing.  The dent would hurt but I would not attempt to pound out the dent.

I hope this helps and thank you  

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