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hello. can you tell me the reasons soviet Russia invaded Afghanistan.


Before there was a USSR there was Imperialist Russia. During that period, there was a rivalry between Imperialist Britain and Russia, they called it "The Great Game" where both empires exercised adventurism in that part of the world.  The Brits wanted to expand their holdings in order to secure India and did so in Afghanistan to prevent Russia from invading and annexing it and thereby threaten their Crown Colony of India.

Fast forward and the USSR in the seventies was still expansionist minded.  Over the last three decades it had invaded eastern block countries to prevent them from asserting too much independence or implementing democratic reforms.  Hungary, Czechoslovakia and later Poland saw deployment of Soviet troops to put down rebellions and to prop up repressive governments.  The Hungarian revolution was by far the most violent.  Other rebellions were suppressed and crushed after WWII in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, as well as Poland.

The Soviets invaded Afghanistan for much the same reasons.  They did not want to see a government that was not aligned with them on their border where their influence might cause problems in any of the Soviet Republics.  This came in the form of resurgent Islamic groups.

So they invaded to install a government more friendly and aligned with them.  Just like every invader since Alexander the Great, they eventually withdrew, unable to unify a country made of up tribal factions that have no real sense of national identity.  They owe their first allegiance to their tribe or religion and last to their country.

It is doubtful that Afghanistan will ever become anything but a backward battleground of nations and tribes until they crawl out of the 1300's and into the post religion secular age.
This will never happen so long as Islam is a factor in daily life.

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