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Dear Sir,

a few years ago you answered a question regarding the military prison in Italy, known as the 6677th Disciplinary Training Center.  My father-in-law was assigned the Dental Clinic of this DTC in 1946.  In your answer, you referred to an article by John R. Pulton (or Patton?) in Trading Post Magazine of April-June 2011.  I am very interested in locating this article but have been unable to find any information about this particular journal.  Did you by any chance keep a copy of the article that you'd be willing to share with me?  The best reference I have found this far is the article in Yank of November 1945, entitled "GI Reform School."  (in fact I found the clipping of this article in my father-in-law's papers).  



Dear Kristine,
         I don't have a copy of the article but I can give you the article from where I found it and it is on the Internet. Go to your search engine and type these two links in:

*Penal Institutions In The European Theater Of Operations-This article is by MSGT. Robert V. Garland, U.S. Army (Retired). This article is from Military Police magazine.

*More On Pound's Prison Experience-This article was published in JSTOR.

May God Bless-Lt. Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

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