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Hello... I recently dug up what looks like to me an artillery shell. No tip or anything inside of it.It is app. 13 inches high and 4 1/2 inches at the base. It is quite heavy.The markings I have found on it are as follows   SF 7820 and below that AK. No markings on the bottom at all. Any information you could provide would be appreciated... thank you

Are you saying you dug up a spent artillery cartridge, that is the hollow base, or are you saying you dug up a projectile?

The measurement you give, 4.5 translates to 114 mm which is not a standard size for an artillery piece which go by the projectile diameter.

You do not say where you live or where you dug it up, so I am groping in the dark here.

4.5 IS the bore size of a Civil War Era Napoleon smooth bore gun.  Projectiles called "bolts" were fired. These were elongated solid iron projectiles designed for better penetration against solid targets.

If it is heavy it might be a bolt.

It should not be heavy if it is an empty cartridge from "fixed" ammunition, meaning a cannon cartridge that looks like an oversized rifle cartridge, case, powder and projectile all in one piece vs a projectile and bagged powder charges that are packed into the breach after the projectile is loaded.

If you can give me more info I might be more help.

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