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QUESTION: Looking for my kids grandfather  Clare R. Aurand.was at Fort Sill Artillery school.Cpl.on 155mm howitzer.Was in Battle of the Bulge 1st Army 7th Corps.Would like to know if he was with an Infantry Division if so which one or if he was in an Independent Battalion if so which one and what part did his unit play in the battle. Thank you

ANSWER: Greetings
I have checked my records and have been unsuccessful in finding any information.  Individual service records are considered private and family members are supposed to be the only ones that can view them.  I have included several links for you to try and get the information you seek.  They are free except for the last one which has a free trial then becomes a pay site.

I wish I had more but please check the government websites as they can be very helpful in find the data you seek.

Thank you

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QUESTION: Can grandchildren put in a request? If so where do they send the request? Also,I think Clare R.Aurand could have been in the 183rd Battalion FA which arrived at the Battle of the Bulge Dec.23rd.His address at Fort Sill and in Europe was A BTRY- 13 FA obsn A.p.o. 307.  No. after his name 36859568.His last letter the address A Btry 13 F.O.B. A.P.O.758

Thanks again, Diane


Grandchildren can ask for military records of family members.  

First place to start

And second,sl

If no success with these to check out
Thank you

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