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Hi, I was reading about the Lee Enfield rifle. It says it has a 10 round magazine, loaded with a 5 round clip. Now, I understand the magazine is the housing and the clip just holds the rounds together, but does this mean that soldiers could fully load the magazine with 2 clips, at any time? I'm a big videogame player, playing lots of WW2 games, where your "ammo" is simply 1 clip at a time. Thanks for any insight!


I must say a very good question.  The Lee Enfield could be loaded with 10 bullets by hand but to load quickly a strip clip could load 5 rounds fast.  The box only allowed 5 rounds when using the clip.  Loading 10 rounds one at a time was time consuming but it was nice to have 10 rounds ready.

I have included some links; 2 are the Lee being loaded both ways.

I hope this helps and Thank You  

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