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Military History/Have a question about guns from ww2 and wanted to know more about them.


What rifles and machine guns did the Americans and British use during World War 2? When were these guns first manufactured?

For the US Army
M1 Garand Semiautomatic Rifle in service 1936
M1 Carbine semiautomatic Rifle in service July 1942
Springfield M1903 Bolt action Rifle also used as sniper rifle in service 1903
Colt 1911A1 Handgun in service 1911
Thompson M1A1 submachine gun in service with Us Army starting in 1938, in serve US marines in 1921

Grease gun M3 A1 submachine gun in service 1943

Browning automatic rifle (BAR) M1918A2 in service 1918

Browning 1919A4 .30 machine gun in service 1919

Browning M2 HB .50 machine gun in service 1933

For the British

Enfield N2 Mark I handgun in service 1932

Lee Enfield Mark 1 n4 bolt action rifle in service early model in 1895

Sten Mark II submachine gun in service 1941

Bren .303 Mk II machine gun in service 1938
Vickers Heavy machine gun in service in 1912
British forces also use the many of the US infantry weapons including the Thompson machine gun

I hope this helps and Thank you.

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