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what is your most favorite knife from world war 2 and why?

I have two.  I am a functionalist, so I would have to say my all time favorite is the K-BAR, the Marine fighting knife.  I believe that more than a few sailors got them as well.  It is a very functional blade.  I keep one in my boat and in my SUV. It is parkarized and while not stainless, the blade coating makes it rust resistant.

It is a full tang blade with a beefy leather washer handle which fits my big hand. The blade is nine inches, with a sharpened bowie back blade tip and the blade is 1/8 inch thick with a 3/4 length fuller.

My second favorite blade is the venerable V-42, made famous by the joint US-Canadian First Special Service Force.  It was custom designed to the specification of Col. later Gen. R.T Frederick.  It owes some of its look and design to the Sikes Fairborn Commando stiletto.

It has a full tang handle, a stiletto blade, with  a skull crusher pommel, a lot like the butt tip you see on Greek spears, something you could do great damage to someone's skull.  It has a full cross guard and on the ricasso in front of the guard there is a grooved thumb pad for better control of the blade when sliding it into a neck or kidney.  The long leg holster type sheath is also functional.  The V-42 is the knife on the Green Beret Insignia, a tribute to the lineage of the Special Ops force going back to the First SSF.  Someone even wrote a song about it:

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